2021 Kindergarten Registration and Screening

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The information below explains the kindergarten registration and screening process for Reynolds Elementary.  For any questions please contact the Elementary office at 517-283-2188.

Follow these steps to register your child:

Step 1: Please come into the Reynolds Elementary School March 15, 16, or 17 from 8-3PM to fill out Registration paperwork. 

Our open enrollment period (for out of district students ) for new Time to Grow and Kindergarten students is March 1-17, 2021.

         Required Documents for School Entrance: BRING ALL of these when registering your student.
                ●Custodial Papers (if applicable)
                ●Legal Birth Certificate (student must be at least 5 on or before December 1, 2021)
                ●Proof of Residency
                ●Immunization Record
                          ○Immunizations can be obtained anytime between now and the first day of school. It is                                       highly recommended that you do not wait until August to have your child's vaccines                                         updated, as appointment times are limited. Please have your doctor or an agency provide                               you a new copy of the updated record when the immunizations are given and FAX or                                       email the updated record to the School.
                             Fax: 517-283-3973
                             Email: Janice.Wigent@readingrangers.org

Step 2: Kindergarten Visitation

                ●Kindergarten Visitation will look a little different this year. Please view the Virtual Kindergarten                   Visitation video and the Welcome/Kindergarten information video from Mr. Irelan Below.

Virtual Kindergarten Visitation
​Principals Welcome and Kindergarten Information

Step 3: Kindergarten Screening will be by appointment on April 21st and 22nd.

        Each student registered for Kindergarten will be required to complete Kindergarten screening.                      Parents will make an appointment with the Elementary School office at the time of registration, by              calling 517-283-2188, or emailing Briana.Couch@readingrangers.org.

                ●Parents will bring their students into the lobby of the school and a staff member will escort                             them to their screening location.
                ●Kindergarten Screening will last approximately 1 hour.
                ●Students will be screened for Kindergarten readiness, speech, hearing and vision.
                ●A parent’s cell phone number will be obtained at the time of screening; parents will be required                     to wait outside or in their cars until their student is finished. A staff member will contact you to                     come back in to pick up your student.

Step 4: Parent Resources

        We will be posting resources to help your child prepare for the transition to Kindergarten. Please                 check back periodically for updates.

Ready for Kindergarten Bingo
How to prepare your child for Kindergarten
Conversation starters for kids

Read by Grade 3


If your child will be 3 by December 1st  and you would like to sign them up for preschool in Hillsdale County please follow the link below.